Glenn Carlson, aka Voiceover Man

Glenn Carlson

Stars the Agency


My story is a simple one, not unlike those you hear every day. I was born to royalty, only to be exiled and imprisoned by an evil twin who stole my birthright. After many years in isolation, locked away in a decrepit castle on a desolate moor, I escaped and found sanctuary among a commune of libertarian librarians. I was then immersed in arcane studies—motivation, character, accent, along with writing and music. I was given secret and powerful tools of knowledge—sound design, studio production and graphic design.

When ready, I was sent forth to side with the forces of good acting and directing, charged with the crucial task of bringing scripts to life so that men and women across the world might rise up to GO places and BUY things, to be entertained and educated, and to see that it is GOOD. And to triumph in this most sacred of missions, I assume the identity of… Voice Over Man! Help me fight the fight, good citizen, if you can… join me, HIRE ME!